Foods That You Should Not Keep in Refrigerator

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Foods That You Should Not Keep in Refrigerator

Refrigerators are being used keeping food last longer in our home, but did you know not everything stays fresh and cool in refrigerator. Some products that we always need to avoid putting in fridge to keep safe. We must be careful about that the products must be avoided to put in fridge.

In food industry, the most discussed topics are the storage of food. After all, everyone wants to save their money what spent and keep food tasty and fresh as possible until we not eat.

When it comes to keeping fresh and safe the vegetables, there are many vegetables that should be stored in room temperature. Not only vegetables but some fruits also need to avoid putting in fridge to keep them fresh and tasty. There are so many food items that not to be keep in fridge:

Potatoes: if you keep potatoes in cold temperature, chances are good to convert potato starch into sugar and the result will be that potato will be in slightly sweet flavor and gritty texture.

Tomatoes: Instead of putting tomatoes in refrigerator, place them in a basket or bowl on counter to keep tasty.

Onion: Onion need good air circulation to stay fresh. Onions should be stored in a hole punched paper bag and not to be near to potatoes because it can spoil potato quickly.

Garlic: Storing garlic in cool dry pantry instead of fridge.

Watermelon: Avoid keeping watermelon in fridge because cold affect its flavor so keeping watermelon in room temperature could keep in good condition for weeks.

Banana: Commonly Tropical fruits like banana, we keep in fruit drawer in the fridge. Keeping banana in fridge can speeds up the ripening process and banana also becomes darken very early.

Chocolates: Chocolates also need to be placed on cool and cry place at room temperature without giving light directly on chocolates.

Bread: Keep bread in bread box on the counter because like pastries, bread will also go stale and dry out in fridge.

Peanut Butter: if you want to keep peanut butter for several months without losing its flavor then keeping in pantry is the best option. But keeping natural peanut butter will be good to store in fridge.

So next time when you are going to put food items such as fruits and vegetables, coffee, hot sauce, honey, pastries and cookies etc. in refrigerator, keep in mind what you need to keep and what you not to keep.


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