Dairy Foods- Safety & Usage Guide

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Dairy Foods- Safety & Usage Guide

Milk and dairy foods having lots of health benefits along with the amazing taste and nutrition for growing children and teens. Not only for the growing children and teen, dairy products are the great source of vitamins, calcium and proteins for senior, adults and athletes also.

How to keep perishable dairy products safe in hot days of summers? -it’s a very common question comes in everyone’s mind in the starting of summer’s hot days. There are few tips to help you to maintain safety and quality of dairy products to avoid the waste and foodborne illness:

Buying Dairy foods

  • During hot summer, place milk products in your cart when you are checking out from your store.
  • Dates mentioned on pack including “sale by”, “use by” and “best before” must be checked before placing in the cart.
  • To avoid the milk to spoil more quickly and more easily, prefer milk packaged in non-translucent jugs and cardboard cartons.

Dairy Food Transportation

  • Dairy foods can be spoil so quickly so buy just before checking out the store and reach straight home from store and immediately put in refrigerator to keep safe.
  • Outside temperature can be harmful for dairy food, don’t leave perishable foods out of refrigerator for more than two hours.

Storing and Using the Dairy Foods

  • Milk products such as yoghurt and cheese must be refrigerated at 40°F or below as you reach home after purchase.
  • Dairy products like milk can quickly go bad because door shelves due to frequently opening and closing the refrigerator.
  • Use 0°F or below to store Ice- creams.
  • Put remaining milk immediately after use in the refrigerator.
  • Never mix unused milk in original container what you poured out.

It is recommended to you to keep maintaining the safety and quality of milk and dairy products by placing in proper temperature and immediate return to the refrigerator after use. Dairy foods are important for including in our daily diet and we must be careful to have good quality dairy food products.