Ways to Prevent a Dryer Fire in Your Home

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Ways to Prevent a Dryer Fire in Your Home

Laundry is the part of our weekly grind. We must be careful while installing the washing machine and dryer at home and should be maintained properly because most of the fire occurs in the clothes dryers and washing machines. it is very important to take care of washing machine and dryer properly.

With a thorough cleaning dryer fine can be prevented. Line traps removes excess lint from clothes but they not able to remove everything. In dryer’s heating element, exhaust duct lint can be accumulating that not be cleaned. If dryer vent pipe is longer in length, then chances are more that lint might catch the fire. It is good to removing the lint before and after put laundry load in dryer.

Follow these steps to prevent the clothes dryer fire in home:

  • Make a habit to clean lint filter before and after each use. Also check and clean vent pipe gap of every 3 months.
  • Always use the correct electric wiring and plug for electric dryers.
  • Ask professional to insure the dryer’s electric hook-ups are installed correctly.
  • Insure that there are no leaks from the gas dryer’s connection pipes.
  • Never try to dry items counted with flammable products such as gasoline, cooking oil or alcohol.
  • Avoid putting items in clothes dryer contains rubber, plastic or foam.
  • Always run your clothes dryer when you are available at home and can check it time to time. Because if any emergency you can take preventive action that needed quickly.
  • Check dryers vent is freely opening to the exterior of your home and not been blocked.
  • Outside wall dampers must be covered to keep rain, dirt and snow to avoid them to entering the pipes.
  • All flammable items can be kept away from dryer.
  • Use metal duct instead of plastic or foil accordion-style to connect the dryer to vent.
  • Need to double check the Duct and vent functionality is working properly time to time.
  • Never overload the dryers.

Washing Machine and dryers are most useful home appliances for us, but we also need to take care of these appliances to work properly and stay safe. It is recommended to check your clothes dryer properly before and after use. Keep you dryer and washer in good working condition. It is important to get your dryer serviced time to time to prevent any tragedy at your home.