Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Morning Energy Boost

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Morning Energy Boost

Are you the person who find yourself to feeling sluggish during the day time and struggles to wake up early in the morning. Many persons of us wake up completely drained of energy in the morning.

Before you reach for the energy supplements and drinks that may affect your body. As many energy drink contains as much as much three glazed and sugar, that can be harmful for you. The good news is there are many ways that will help you to bouncing out of the bed, some of the easy ways to give yourself a morning energy boost:

Drink Water- it is important to keep yourself hydrated for a lots of reasons because staying hydrated is one of the biggest energy booster. Not getting enough water can be a cause for feeling tired faster. So don’t forget to keep hydrating properly to stave off the unnecessary crashes especially at the beginning of the day!

Try to Eat More Antioxidants- eating foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries may not boost your energy directly but certainly they have many indirect benefits as they fights the harmful free radicals, protects you from the type of illness, that deplete the energy stores.

Make Herbal Tea Habit- While speaking of the antioxidants, herbal tea is another amazing source of them. It is a great swap also for the stimulant of coffee. Some of the good options are ginger, peppermint and cinnamon. These all can be used to make for an invigorating morning cup.

Have Foods Low on the Glycemic Index- While glycemic index foods having a less of a sugar crash and more sustained energy and sugars in this kind of food products are absorbed slowly in the body. For example high fiber vegetables, nuts and whole grains are great to include in your breakfast routine.

Start Your Day with Eggs- Starting the day with having the eggs may also boost your energy level. That’s because the eggs contains the high nutrients which makes them a long lasting and powerful energy source.

Add Leafy Greens to the Breakfast- Probably, you already know that leafy and dark greens such as spinach, kale, chard and collard are good for you as they are rich in magnesium and can up your energy.

Eat a Banana- Either add it to a yogurt parfait or eat simply- for morning,  eating bananas are a great choice as it have brain boosting vitamins, complex carbs and vital amino acids.

Skip the Sweets- surely, it is a tempting to take a sweet treat first in the morning. But skip it when energy is your goal.