Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit may be a tropical fruit which is famous for its vibrant red skin and sweet, seed-speckled pulp. It is also called strawberry pear or pitahaya. Its unique look and acclaimed superfood powers have made it popular among foodies and also the health-conscious. Luckily, you don’t need to live in the tropics to enjoy the various benefits of dragon fruit.

On the outside, the fruit has the looks of a hot pink or yellow bulb with spike-like green leaves doping up like flames around it. Cut it open, and you will find fleshy white stuff black seeds with inside dotted that are okay to eat.

Dragon fruits come in a type of colors and shapes:

  • Pink skin with white flesh. This is often the foremost well-known kind, but it’s the smallest amount sweet. It’s sold under the names including Alice, Guyute and Cosmic Charlie.
  • Pink skin with red or pink flesh. Sweeter and bigger than its white-fleshed cousin, these categories of fruits are being sold in stores under names like Red Jaina and Bloody Mary.
  • Pink skin with purple flesh.
  • Yellow skin with white flesh. Yellow dragon fruit is the hardest to seek out, but it’s also the sweetest.

Some of the impressive benefits of dragon fruit include supporting weight loss and bone health, improving digestion, slowing down the ageing process, boosting our metabolic rate and fighting microbial and fungal infections.

Let’s check out the advantages of dragon fruit and therefore the reasons why everybody should eat more of this exotic fruit:

High in Nutrients:

Dragon fruit is low in calories but full of essential minerals and vitamins. It also contains a sufficient amount of dietary fiber.

Boosts system:

Dragon fruit is loaded with flavonoids in addition as flu-fighting vitamin C, which makes it the right combination for enhancing our immune system. Fact is, this exotic fruit contains more vitamin C than a carrot, which makes it one among the highest food sources of vitamin C. Additionally, dragon fruit is full of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and it even comes with vitamins B1, B2 and B3 additionally as several minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, and niacin also like a healthy dose of protein and fiber to stay our system running smoothly.

May Help Fight Chronic Disease:

Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause cell damage, which can result in inflammation and disease. A method to combat this is often by eating antioxidant-rich foods like dragon fruit. Thus, preventing cell damage and inflammation, Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals.

Heart Healthy:

A recent study showed that dragon fruit has the power to lower bad cholesterol while at an equivalent time increasing good cholesterol, which makes dragon fruit an awesome choice as a cholesterol-lowering food. Additionally, monounsaturated fats in dragon fruit keep our heart healthy. And let’s not forget, the small black seeds inside a dragon fruit provide omega-3 also as omega-6 fatty acids, which may drop triglyceride levels.

Aids Digestion:

Fiber aids digestion and also the best thanks to getting more fiber is thru fruits and veggies. Dragon fruit comes with fiber, that may help to get rid of constipation and IBS issues and if you add it to your breakfast oatmeal, it helps with morning movement. Dragon fruit also contains oligosaccharides, which work as a prebiotic and thereupon improve digestion and gut health. And on top of that, dragon fruit contains a high water content that may be helpful to stay our digestive system work flawlessly.

Fights Diabetes:

The high amount of fiber in dragon fruit can help to regulate diabetes ultimately as by suppressing sugar spikes; it may stabilize blood sugar levels. However, with any dietary changes or modifications, always consult your doctor to form sure this is often honest food for you.

Slows Down Aging Process:

One of the most important reasons why our skin ages fast are free radicals. While there are many commercial products that claim to prevent the ageing process of the skin, these artificial creations can do more harm than good. Dragon fruit may be a natural thanks to preventing the ageing process due to its high antioxidant content, which stops the anti-ageing effect of free radicals. You’ll either eat the dragon fruit or apply it on your skin to urge a younger-looking skin and reduce the looks of wrinkles and fine lines.

Active Antioxidants:

To rid the body of free radicals and cancer-producing properties, you'll eat foods that contain antioxidants.

Treating Colored Hair:

Dragon fruit juice is a wonderful agent for treating colored hair. You'll protect your chemically treated or colored hair by simply putting a conditioner or the juice containing dragon fruit on your scalp. By allowing your hair to breathe and remain healthy and smooth, this may keep the hair follicles open.

Avoiding Acne:

This treatment isn't only for teenagers. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit becomes an excellent topical ointment. Turn a dragon fruit's slice of into a paste and apply it to the reddened areas on your skin or face, then rinse with water. For best results, use twice daily.

Prevents Cancer:

Cancer prevention may sound a touch far-fetched; however, studies show that dragon fruit has the power to stop the multiplication of dangerous cancer cells because it's rich within the enzyme lycopene also like vitamin C and carotene, which is believed to possess anti-carcinogenic properties. Together, these nutrients help to stop a tumour from forming.

Suppresses Arthritis:

Arthritis directly affects the joints and causes severe immobility and irritation. Adding dragon fruit to your diet can assist you to fight these ailments. Dragon fruit is commonly mentioned as the “anti-inflammatory fruit” as benefits for people affected by arthritis are so great

Soothe Sunburned Skin:

By combining dragon fruit with honey and cucumber juice, you'll create a compound very similar to aloe which will soothe burned skin. Abundant in vitamin B3, dragon fruit may be helpful to moisturize sunburned skin and release heat from the affected area.