How to Buy the Best Rice Cooker

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Buy the Best Rice Cooker

If rice is being cooked a lot in your home, rice cooker is a great product that almost every people shops according to their need. There are so many latest models of rice cookers available with many advanced features and sensors that ensures to cook the rice properly and not overcooked the rice again. This cookers cook rice perfectly every time and also can be used for many other foods such as grains and lentils etc. Just need to rinse the rice and add the exact amount of cold water and rice the turn it on automatically.

Rice cooker are not powerful as a pressure cooker and take up counter space to place in the kitchen. Making rice in rice cooker is so easy.

Types of Rice Cookers

There are many rice cookers coming along with some options and variety for rice making. Some of them are:

Conventional Rice Cookers- This type of rice cookers are most likely to satisfy consumers. Conventional rice cookers are affordable option and very easy to use. These cookers can cook rice quickly.

Smart Rice Cookers- As its name this type of rice cookers are good for making a variety of rice types perfectly. In this machine, itself can change the temperature as you are making rice on a hotter than usual days.

Combo Rice Cooker- Combo rice cooker are a combination of rice cooker and steamer, which can be used to cook a wider variety of foods. It saves counter space versus purchasing different appliances separately.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a rice cooker:

Size: It’s up to you that for how many people you are going to make rice. Most of the rice cookers will be listed the number of cups like 3 to 20 cups. Shop for the rice cooker as per your usage means how many members are in your family and what quantity will be for rice you making.

Cost: Many of the people will be happy with a normal, functional rice cooker coming in a low price range. You must be careful to check what is your usage and your budget also.

Material: It is also important to keep in mind what rice cooker you are buying is made of which material. Many people prefers stainless steel or aluminum model with non-sticky coating for getting an easy cleanup. Some other are made from charcoal or clay which are nonstick naturally without any kind of artificial coating.

Additional Features: Check for the features of the rice cooker properly what you will get additionally. Features like measuring lines, a steam vent in the lid helping to prevent any kind of bubbling over and a see-through lid to keep monitoring your meals progress.