How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast: Useful Tips

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast: Useful Tips

Everyone wants a sparkle clean and great smelling kitchen, no one wants smelly and dirty kitchen. Cleaning kitchen is not a tough task, problem comes that from where to start.

Start Kitchen Cleaning!

  • Start from clearing the counters of anything does not belong like unnecessary slips, cookbooks etc.
  • Fill the sink with a few dish soap squirts and hot water. Drop dirty food storage containers, Dirty dishes, large pans, bowls, crisper drawer, microwave turntable, dish racks and all items need soaking in the sink.
  • Check refrigerator and throw expired foods, empty containers and never used items outside. Keep remaining stuff on the counter and take out drawers and shelves from refrigerator. Before replacing shelves and food, wipe down the freezers and entire inside of the refrigerator with a rag spritzed or a paper towel with a nontoxic all-purpose cleaner.
  • Clear the dust the knocking dirt, high zones and debris to the floor. By using a telescoping duster, start the work around the room, cleaning upper corners, tops of cabinets, light fixtures and right above the sink. Also remember to clean the top of the refrigerator.
  • Spray the all-purpose cleaner to the stovetop and leave it for few minutes. Clean with powered scrub that won’t scratch. Then wipe the stovetop with a dry and clean cloth.
  • Its time to load the dishwasher or handwash the items are soaking in the sink.
  • Clean the toaster, coffeemaker, mixer, and other small appliances by using a glass cleaner or a cleaning wipe.
  • Clean the lower cabinets, drawers with a soapy, damp cloth.
  • Drain the sink and do hot water rinsing.
  • Empty the trash and before replacing the bag, do swiping the inside the can and interior of the top.
  • After all dusting and cleaning, sweep the floor with a broom or dry duster and dustpan. Sweep any specks of crumbs, garbage and dust that might be on the floor before you deep clean the floor.
  • Mop your floor with bucket of soapy water to deep clean the floor.
  • Put every cleaning supplies back in their place to avoid to trip over them.

Finally, you finished your Kitchen cleaning and now you can relax!

Remember, always buy quality kitchen cleaning products while shopping. Proper cleaning keeps you and your family healthy and away from germs and illness.