The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is an obtained fat from the fruits of the Olive tree (Olea Europaea), which is a traditional tree crop in the Mediterranean region. Whole olive fruits are pressed to produce this distinctive oil.

Originally, olive oil came from Mediterranean, but today it’s being used worldwide. The olive oil is used in cooking, medicine, cosmetics and soaps. Earlier it was been used for traditional lamps as fuel. It can be used for frying, or as a dip for bread or as salad dressing. Olive also can be eaten chopped or whole and added to pizza or other dishes.

When you go for shopping, a variety of olive oils catch your attention that will be virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and lampante oil.

Virgin Olive Oil- It is the most popular variety of olive oil which is also known as cooking oil with a very surprising low acid content.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This olive oil is been considered the best for body. It is being made by cold pressing olive fruit.

Pure Olive Oil- Pure Olive oil having high acidic content and it is an amalgamation of virgin and refined olive oils. Because of its high acidic content, it’s not suitable for use.

Lampante Oil- This oil is used as fuel only, not suitable for cooking purpose.

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Benefits for Hair:

  • Using Olive oil keep your hair healthy
  • Also, can be used as pre-shampoo treatment

Benefits for Skin:

  • Olive oil can be used as skin moisturiser
  • Use of olive oil improves skin health
  • It helps to remove makeup
  • This oil has anti-aging properties
  • It cures cracked heels
  • Can be used as lip scrub

 Benefits for Health:

  • Olive oil helps to prevent Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer
  • Controls Cholesterol and relieves Constipation
  • It works as a Pain Relief
  • Treats Depression
  • Helps in preventing Strokes and Eliminate Kidney Stones
  • Helps to Dilute Ear Wax
  • Improves Nails health
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Perks up the Sex life

So now when you are shopping for olive oil, go for the best one for you!