How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Useful Tips

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Useful Tips

Your washing machine is an appliance and like any other appliance it also need cleaning to avoid the germs, bacteria, bad odors and mold. Cleaning your washing machine will not only avoid the bad odors and germs etc, but also it will be helpful to keep clean and maintain for long lasting.

If your washing machine gets heavy use day to day, you should clean it weekly or bi-weekly. Sometime you can get away with cleaning less often if you are not using machine then also set a reminder to clean your washing machine inside and outside at least once in every month.

Just a little bit of maintenance and care can be enough to keep you washing machine properly working and smelling good for a long time. Here are few tips that everybody should know when it comes to keeping your washing machine in good condition and top working order:

Deep Scrubbing

Deep cleaning for your washing machine is a good idea once in a month, in order to make sure that your washing is being used day to day. Deep cleaning is important to keep the bad odors, germs and bad smell out of your appliance.

There are many washing machine cleaners available now a days what been made specifically for washing machines. When using washing machine cleaner, will be good to run the empty cycle on hot wash to clean the machine.

If you want, can make your own washing machine cleaner with a tea spoon of laundry detergent powder and a ¾ cup of bleach to clean your washing machine.

Keep the Door Open

After finish wash of a load of clothes, make sure that you keep the lid or door open to properly evaporate the moisture from the washing drum. Because if you don’t leave it open, it will more likely to start smell.

This is especially true for the front-loading washers. In fact, clean even wipe down the rubber seal inside the door of the washer. Not only for preventing it from start smell of mildew, but also will be helpful to dry out the unit quicker.

The interior drum, the dispenser drawer on front-loading washers may still have moisture in it after each cycle. To prevent the areas to start to grow mold or mildew if they’re not given the opportunity to allow excess moisture to escape, simply open/close the dispenser drawer at the same time you open/close the door of the machine.

Wipe it Down- In & Out

Not only inside of the washing machine, it’s good to take care of the exterior of the washing machine. Make sure that the exterior of the machine is also been wiped down in order to get rid of stains and sticky residue. Regularly wipe down the inside area of your washing machine to get rid of any soapy residue, lint or dirt which become trapped inside machine.

Quick Tips to Keep Clean and Maintain the Washing Machine:

  • Always Use the right laundry detergent
  • Check the fabric softener dispenser and clean it time to time
  • Check the hoses of your washing machine are not bent. If seems any issue, change them
  • Check inlet Hose Filters


Taking care of your washing machine can give a long lasting life to the appliance. Not only washing machine, be careful for our all home appliance and their maintenance.