Simple Ways to Keep Your Microwave in Top Condition

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Simple Ways to Keep Your Microwave in Top Condition

The microwave, one of the most used kitchen appliances and frequently been used to make easy to cook or warm many foods. It is very easy to buy a new microwave than fixing or maintaining your old one.

Unfortunately, there are many people use microwaves every day without giving a second thought to the maintenance. However, there is no need to give too much effort to keep your microwave oven in good condition. Just only a little bit of care and maintenance is all that is required to increase its lifespan.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your microwave’s longevity:

Treat it Right: treating your microwave in a right way means not putting the things in your oven that could damage your appliance- Aluminum foil, metal or dishware with gold and silver accents. Use only microwave safe dishware for the sake of the longevity, safety and avoid any kind of fires and explosions.

Typically, glass, ceramic and plastic items are safe to use in microwave. These can be exception, so instead of making assumptions, buy cookware sets which are labeled with microwave-safe.  

Keep It Clean: one of the best and easiest way to give your appliance a long life is by cleaning it properly. Many people do not realize that liquid and food spatters can absorb the energy, can lead to burn spots and even can become cause of damaging your microwave’s component. Warm soap and water or specialized microwave cleaner can be used to remove such foods and liquids.

Prevent Door Damage: Doors are the most widely slammed part of a microwave. People not caring the microwave door, commonly pulled the door open even without turning off the appliance or pushed it shut with his elbow for lack of free hands.

Avoid Running Empty: It can be a serious damage of your appliance if it’s been running without anything inside it. When an empty microwave will run, the produced energy by the appliance must be absorbed by its own components such as magnetron or glass that produces the energy. Then these components can be damage and repairing or replacing them can be expensive.

Try Programmed Cooking Times: Using programmed timing for cooking can make the most efficient use of the microwave by minimizing the energy loss and heating food as effectively as possible.

Guard against Surges: Power surges also can be caused by many events like downed power lines, grid switching including lightning. So better is unplug your microwave after every use to save energy and your appliance too.

Either we are using microwave oven or any other home appliances, we need to be careful to keep them safe and top condition.