Some Creative Uses of shampoo

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Some Creative Uses of shampoo

Have you ever thought what else can be done with shampoo apart from washing your hair? Obviously, Nope! But maybe, it will come in your mind that why would we use shampoo for any other thing except washing hair. Well, it’s correct that shampoo is for hair washing but some situation it can be a substitute product.

Shampoo is a very useful thing you have on hand. It can be usually cheap to buy and will be hanging around. Sometimes, you got free sample or bought a shampoo you don’t like, although you don’t want to throw away as it will be waste. Remember, not only for washing your hair, there are so many thing can be done by using shampoo and conditioners.

Here are some creative uses of shampoo:

  • Shampoo can be used as a washing up liquid as it is twice effective on dirt and much gentler on skin than regular dish soap.
  • Shampoo with warm water can be used to clean to fend up any kind of fastening bacteria on your makeup brush.
  • As hair brush can get clogged up with many sorts like hair product, hair follicles, dead skin cells etc. Give the brush a blast of cleaning and freshness by getting rid of hair clump, then soaking the brush in bowl with warm water and shampoo.
  • There are so many people already use conditioner as shaving cream’s substitute, but trying shampoo can be a great backup.
  • You can use shampoo as substitute of your shower gel.
  • If hand wash liquid is not there, shampoo can be used too.
  • Shampoo can be a good defogger of your mirror, try rubbing a bit of shampoo with a paper towel over the mirror then take a sponge or cloth to bluff it off. Now you can perfectly see your lovely reflection.
  • Cleaning your beautiful nails also possible with the help of some trustworthy shampoo.
  • To get a fancy manicure without looking at price tag is very simple with a bowl of shampoo and warm water. Soak your hands in that bowl for a bit and feel soft as ever.
  • If zip feeling stiff and is it a burden to fasten the zip? Just rub a bit of shampoo on the zip to loosen it up again as well it was.
  • Putting shampoo over the adhesive part can help to loosen it up and removing a stubborn plaster.
  • Dabbing shampoo on the offending stain then popping it in the wash can help to remove the stain.
  • Apparently, shampoo can be used to clean tile and wooden floors. The result can be some slippery but after washing up liquid the floor will be fine.
  • Shampoo can be used to remove the bandage without pain. Put a few drop of shampoo on adhesive part, shampoo will soak that adhesive part and bandage should be peeled off without sticking and pain.
  • Shampoo and water can be used to wash your car or bike.
  • Shampoo also can be used to clean the stain on the carpet. Try to clean the spot with a dab of shampoo and rinse it with water and pat it dry.

Shampoo and conditioners are that can be used to clean many thing along with hair wash. It’s good to know the alternative uses also of shampoo that can be useful to you in future!