Things to Consider Before Buying a Blender

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Things to Consider Before Buying a Blender

When it comes to the kitchen appliances, blenders are one amongst the essential endowments of innovation to a kitchen. Simply, this kitchen appliance is an electric machine that helps to mix, liquidize, puree or chop the food substances. It helps to reduce the human efforts by manifolds and saves the time too.

Generally, there are two types of blenders:

  • Hand Blender
  • Countertop Blender

A hand blender or immersion or stick or wand blender is an electric motor that turns its blades attached to shaft. This is handheld device that can be immersed inside a container. The container has the ingredients that you want to mix or blend. The hand blenders either have an electric cord or can use batteries to work.

A countertop blender is the most used regular kind of blender used in kitchen. This blender having a base which is powered by a motor and blades attached to the motor. Switches given on the base which allows the user to change the blending speed as required.

Why a Blender for your kitchen?                                                                                    

Having the right kind of kitchen appliances and tools not only helping our life easier but also saves a lot of precious time that you could enjoy with your family or employ in any other sphere of the productivity.

Blender is very efficient appliance to make soups, smoothies, cocktails and mocktails and sauces or a healthy milkshake. This all can happed quiet easily and on the spot.

Does Multi- Tasks!

A blender is very useful appliance that can be used to mix, chop, puree and blend very effectively. It means this appliance is good enough substitute for a juicer or a food processer. With all the clutter of spoons, knives and pans lying on your kitchen slab, you could do with some more space at cooking time.

A blender makes the cooking time a little less stressful and allows you to pour your heart out while preparing a meal for your loved ones.

Some Benefits of blenders:

  • Most of the blenders comes with containers that allows you to blend all the substances inside them. There are no chunks and no spillages of foods left inside. So it helps to keep your kitchen clean.
  • It helps you to make a variety of dishes with the help of different speed settings.
  • It steps on the train of healthy food. Instead of buying smoothies and milkshakes from the food chains you can make these things with healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Important things to consider while buying a blender:

  • Choose between hand blender and a countertop blender. When you are going to buy a blender, choose from a hand blender and countertop blender as per your use and space in kitchen.
  • Look for the materials used to make the containers. The containers are usually made of plastics, glass and stainless steel. As glass containers are some heavier but more stable when it comes to compare with the other two.
  • Check the power range of the blender’s motor. Typically the blenders with higher wattage which can easily turn bigger pieces such as the fruits into liquid.
  • Definitely, budget is the most important term for any purchase. Choose any blender as per your budget. There is not too much difference between the price range of both hand blender and countertop blender. It is some differ as per their brands.