Things to Consider to Buy a Best Pressure Cooker

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Things to Consider to Buy a Best Pressure Cooker

Buying a pressure cooker is not only an investment for saving time and money but also a small miracle of the modern cooking that can make your meal faster than oven. Saved time in cooking can be given to your family and money can be spent for health or any other important works.

When it comes to buying a pressure cookers, always keep the heavy-gauge and high quality steel in the main criteria. Because, no matter how great component or features the pressure cooker have, they all for nothing without the quality materials. Including steel there are many things to consider before buying a best pressure cooker, they are:

Pressure Cooker Size- pressure cooker size depends upon for how many people you are going to cook, it’s for just only twosome or a family. You can opt for a four litre cooker for 2-3 peoples use. Go for six litre or upper size pressure cooker for a family or more than 2-3 peoples as your requirement.

Stainless Steel or Aluminum- Aluminum and stainless steel both type of cooker having their own cons and pros. Aluminum cookers are cost and weigh less than the stainless steel and as home chef knows that aluminum conducts heat well. However, the heat inside the unit would ruin the coating if you won’t find one cooker with a non-stick inner surface as many of the pots you may already have.

Meanwhile, stainless steel units are indeed heavier and costlier also but their look will last longer than aluminum.

Electric or Stovetop- Either going for the electric pressure cooker or stovetop pressure cooker, first consider the space. A stovetop pressure cooker sits on stove element’s top and manually you controls the heat. Another hand electric pressure cooker can be placed on the counter and it heats itself from within as per need.

Safety- When it comes to buy a pressure cooker or any other kitchen & dining appliances or accessories, safety is the most important term. Modern pressure cookers are safer than before we used but it’s our duty to check everything properly how much the appliance is safe.

Check for the Available Features:

Don’t forget to check the features and accessories available with the pressure cooker like:

  • Cooking Rack- this rack is like a steamer insert inside the cooker to cook above the liquid means at the same time you can cook different foods.
  • Pressure Regulator- to control the pressure of the cooking inside you need pressure regulator. Also look for a unit which is being used to remove the regulator and helps you to clean it properly and avoid it for being any kind of clogged.
  • Handles- These ergonomically designed handles which might feel you better to picking up the pressure cooker for 6 litre or larger. Opt for a unit or accessory that having handles on both sides which help you to lift the pressure cooker safely.
  • Cover Interlock- The cover interlock is a key feature that does not let you open the under pressure device. Better is, opt for the model that won’t even let pressure build if the unit isn’t fully closed.

While going to buy any kitchen appliance or home appliance, you must keep in mind the usage, space and budget. A good buyer is who things about all aspects before going to shop and saves their time and money both.