Tips to Survive the Summer

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Tips to Survive the Summer

During this very hot weather, it is very important for people to avoid heat-related illness and keep cool. In this weather people can be fatigue and collapsed by low blood pressure due to loss of body fluid, minerals and salts after prolonged exposure to heat.

In this summer weather night time temperatures are also expected remaining to high such as daytime temperatures. If we were outside in daytime temperature, then need to recover and cooling down this heat in night time. This night-time high temperature can stop our body to recovering and cooling down from daytime heat exposure.

During the time between 11AM to 3PM is the most dangerous to face the sun in summers. Here are some tips to help you to prevent and survive the sun heat in summer:

What to Wear

  • While going outside you must take care of what you wear.
  • Choose lightweight and light color fabrics, loose clothing to reduce the effect of the heat.
  • Use good Sunscreen and coverup with hat and sunglasses.

 tips to survive the summer

What to Eat & Drink

  • Drink more plenty of water and include a range of different fluids & Juice.
  • During hot weather, body needs more energy to digest the heavy meal and can be trouble for us.
  • Eat smaller meals and include a plenty of salad, fresh fruits and veggies, cold soups and refreshing drinks.
  • It is very important to keep cold food cold and hot food hot until you don’t eat.
Some Important Tips
  • Try to head out early for the outdoor activities during summer. if possible do your work in morning and evening time.
  • Take advantages of air- conditioned shopping malls to keep cool and stay comfortable.
  • it is important to look after the older people and kids from the effect of heat.
  • Put some water on pots for birds.
  • Do pool party and have some fun with your family and friends

It is recommended to you to keep calm and take care properly in summers otherwise you can be in trouble and there will be great changes for illness.


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