Mobile Phones Guide & Safety Tips

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Mobile Phones Guide & Safety Tips

Nowadays mobile phones became the human necessity and being used for a multiple purpose. Either time to keeping in touch with family or friends, for business connectivity or social connectivity or emergency, mobile phones are now part of our daily life. There are some people who carry more than one mobile for their personal and business purpose.

Mobile use now leading over computer and laptops now. Most of the work you can manage through your mobile instead of using computer. In comparison to computers mobile phones are light-weighted, small sized and can be carried easily. Lots of works such as calling, social networking, emailing, videography and photography for personal and professional use, sending photos and videos etc been handled in a very easy way by mobile phones.

Shop a good smartphone that have so many features to help you to make your life easier. Don’t copy anyone and always buy mobile phone as per your use and budget. Always use genuine mobile accessories.

Safety Tips for Every Mobile User

  • Always set important contacts on speed dial in case of any emergency.
  • Don’t use mobile phone while crossing the road, be careful and avoid any accident.
  • To avoid snatching, claw your fingers tightly around your mobile phone.
  • After using your mobile, keep it locked to avoid misuse of your phone contacts, photos and other important data.
  • Keep your mobile phone’s Operating System updated to get secured and updated.
  • Regularly clean your phone.
  • Sign out banking apps and money transfer app after usage.
  • Don’t save your id and password in mobile app because if it will go to any wrong hand then you can be in trouble.
  • Inform your bank if your mobile phone has stolen and skip any mis happening.

Mobile Phone While Driving

  • Always follow driving laws and not use mobiles while driving.
  • Avoid attending call while driving, use only if it’s urgent.
  • Try to keep your mobile phone where you can easily reach and grab it.
  • If you are taking calls while driving, use hand-free devices or can talk on speaker.
  • Focus only on your driving, not forget that you are driving.
  • While driving keep very short conversations.
  • Don’t use social media while driving because it can distract you easily.

So many things we need to keep in our mind while driving. Because our safety comes first. Start a very nominal use of your mobile phones while driving and stay safe!


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