Why Should We Eat Oranges?

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

Why Should We Eat Oranges?

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits among the world. Oranges are a round citrus fruit which comes with a pitted peel. The taste of oranges can vary from juicy and sweet or bitter depending on the varieties including Seville, Valencia and Hamlin. Oranges are the fruits available almost whole year.

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C, Fiber, Folate, Thiamine and antioxidants and full of nutrients and low in calories, they promote healthy, clear skin and help to reduce the risk of many diseases as part of an overall varied and healthy diet.

The juicy and sweet oranges makes a healthy and delicious snacks or can be added to a meal. Nowadays orange juice is the healthier breakfast’s integral part to promote a healthy start to our day. Oranges have many health benefits, some are given here:

Immune System Booster- In the present, having citrus fruits are a great way to keep you healthy. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which help you to produce the white blood cells that destroy bacteria, viruses, and many invaders. They also contains vitamin A, copper and folate, nutrients to assist vitamin C in keeping the immune system in properly working.

Help in Cancer Prevention- as citrus is more than just a fresh and sour flavor used for livening up drink and food. The citrus limonoids commonly found in oranges are proven to help to fight and prevent many varieties of cancer as skin, mouth, breast, stomach, lung and colon.

Reduce Kidney Stones- Orange juices can help to prevent the painful kidney stones from forming but only orange juice not all citrus juice.

Heart Health Promoter- As an electrolyte mineral, potassium is responsible for helping the heart function in a well way. Potassium helps the heart to squeeze and forward the blood through your body as potassium is involved in each heartbeat.

Regulates Blood Sugar- Oranges may be sweet in taste but high in fiber which helps to keep sugar level low. The natural sugar fructose found in oranges helps to prevent the blood sugar level from after eat spiking.

Lowers the Blood Pressure- The hesperidin flavanone available in oranges can reduce the high blood pressure.

Not only may these health benefits, oranges help to prevent ulcers, radial skin and also good for respiratory system and much more. Shop for fresh oranges or add orange juice in your diet, intake of this citrus fruit may helpful for your health.