How to Organize Refrigerator Drawers and Shelves in a Right Way?

Posted on by Faiyaz Khan

How to Organize Refrigerator Drawers and Shelves in a Right Way?

Nowadays everyone is using refrigerator to keep safe the food items for a long time. people keeps their items in refrigerators but there are many people who really don’t know how to organize their fridge? Everyone must be known about the right way to organize the refrigerator’s drawers and shelves.

Typically, most of the food items having chances to be wither which the longer time they're left out in the open. So, for keeping them safe that food items for a long time we put them in fridge. We must be known to where the right place in the refrigerator to put food items such as vegetables and fruits, Dairy Products, Meat, Eggs, cooked food and condiments etc.

 The right way to organizing a refrigerator is here:

Vegetables and Fruits

The humidity level decides the life of the vegetables and fruits. Store Vegetables in the 'high humidity drawer because vegetables require humidity to stay fresh and good condition.

Fruits should be stored in the Crisper (lowest humidity drawer of refrigerator) to avoid the moisture. Store unwashed fruits to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Fruits should be stored in loosely tied plastic bags, don't put the fruit's airtight packets in fridge.

Dairy Products

When people comes to place the dairy products in the refrigerator, probably common mistakes they do by placing the dairy items in refrigerator’s door. The dairy products like milk can quickly go bad because door shelves are the warmest area of refrigerator. Place dairy items in the lower shelf which is the colder area of fridge.

Butter can be placed in designated door shelf because it does not require as cold temperature as milk.

Egg shells as natural protectors to keeping at a moderate temperature so eggs could be placed in the middle shelves.


In the comparison of the other areas of refrigerator, the storage area of meat should be clean and coldest. Store meat items in original packing and prevent the contamination to other foods.

Cooked Food

The cooked food items or ready to eat items can be stored at the top or middle shelves of refrigerator.


Ketchup, dressings, mayonnaise and other condiments can be placed in the door shelves they do not require the extremely cold temperature have preservatives to stay good.

Cold Drinks & Juice

Cold Drinks & Juice items can be stored in the door area of refrigerator. If it is fresh-squeezed them place in the bottom shelf.

Always place your food products in a proper way in the refrigerator and keep them safe and for a longer life. Keep clean your refrigerator to perverse the food items and stay healthy.